Photo Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit Studio Light Bulb Muslin Backdrop Stand

Functions Well to: Diffuse the Light from any kind of Flash/Strobe Light as well as Constant Light(See Application Image revealed over) 3. Functions: Reflect and Spread Light Stream Evenly, Eliminate Glare and also Spots Single Bulb Light Socket Head 1. General Length: 8″ Package Includes: 2 x 33″ White Umbrella Light Modifier 1 x Black/Gold Premium Umbrella Reflector 3 x Single Bulb Light Socket Heads 3 x 2m Light Stands 3 x 45W Light Bulbs 3 x Backdrop Clamps 1 x Background Support System 3 x 1.6 m * 3m Background (Green, White, Black Nonwoven Fabric) 1 x Carry Bag 1 x English Instructions and also English Installation Instructions Shipping + 1.

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